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Why Wellness is Important

The purpose of starting this blog is to help, excite, motivate and initiate people on the path of wellness & reverse aging.

We didn’t pay anything to get this wonderful body, nor did we make any effort to be born as human beings. We don’t value things that either come to us free or come to us easily. And that explains why billions of people on this planet don’t take care of their health. Do you realize, this body is the only permanent home you will live in till your last breath? The abode that has come to you without any cash down payment or mortgage? Even the best of mansions have no charm if the God-given home i.e., your body is not healthy. This reality which is as clear as daylight, alas, is appreciated and understood only after reaching a point of no return.

My objective here is to make you embark on this journey much before you reach that point of no return.

Try to imagine what must be going through the mind of Steve Jobs while he was battling cancer. I am sure he would be willing to trade his entire wealth for getting a disease-free body. Dhirubhai Ambani, a first-generation billionaire who took this country by storm by creating one of the biggest conglomerates of India, would have loved to exchange his entire wealth to buy back a healthy body when he had a paralytic attack. How strongly would they have wished that they had taken charge of regaining their health before this point of no return.

The blogs here will carry foolproof recipes of restoring and gaining great health, If I can change even a few lives through this ,I would consider every minute spent on creating these worth the effort.

The blogs here will be anecdotal. I will talk a lot about how I transformed myself from fat to fit.. Thus each word is a living, breathing testimony to my success in the field of wellness . After having reached the lowest ebb, how did I regain my health?

In fact, in the last five years, I have shared my story with many of my friends and inspired them to regain their health. It has been such a fulfilling experience for me to see most of them much healthier and happier now. This also prompted me to think of a way of impacting more lives in the same manner and make them win back their health. Writing a simple, easy-to-follow book looked like the best option to achieve this objective. I did that by publishing my first book" Freeze That Age" now on Amazon. Now I want to keep sharing tips & stories about restoring and maintaining a great health through these blogs.

Nothing inspires like a personal story .If an ordinary mortal like me, with all his imperfections and weaknesses could do it, anyone can.

Make a commitment today, you will embrace the path of wellness and take care of this beautiful gift - your body, God has blessed you with.

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